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Lessons learned

8. März 2012
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Ok. While I am sitting here at the starbucks coffee and spending way to much money for coffee and other stuff I thought it is a good time to review my last year of life since my birthday was 2 days ago.

By the way thanks for your wishes, mails and calls.

So without further taking about my birthday here is an important lessons I learned in 2011/2012 which will help you as well

Breakfast is not the most important meal

The german readers who follow my blog know that I recommended you should eat breakfast first thing in the morning. Because in case skipped breakfast (and had no protein after the „long“ fast aka „sleep“) you would cause muscle loss. OK guys. The dirty little truth is that I was completely wrong. Not that easy to say but it is true.

But neither is a snack, lunch or dinner the most important meal of day. At the end of the day the total amout of calories is what really counts (assuming you take in at least 40% of your daily calories as protein).

A myth says that your body needs a study supply of amino acids to ensure no muscle loss. What a lot of people don’t know is the fact that protein ( at least in real food) is really hard to breakdown (can take up to several hours). That means that the amino acids (breakdown of your protein intake) will flow in your blood stream for several hours. And for people who like to eat big (uuhm = me) we can take up 100g. of „pure“ protein in one meal.



500g. Chicken with veggies and home made tomato sauce = 100g protein from chicken (about 20g protein in 100g chicken).

The breakdown of protein into amino acids can take up from 16 to 24 hours. So in case I wouldn’t eat breakfast tomorrow morning my body could still use the amino acids of the last meal from today.

But Chris how did you realize that this myth is completely wrong? Well I stumbled upon a blog called Which is an amazing blog by the way. I can highly recommend reading the blog post of its founder Martin Berkhan.

For those of you who want hard facts here are two 2 Studies who will confirm my thesis

So if you want to get in shape I highly recommand that:

1) Don’t believe everything you read in newspaper or a book. A lot of gurus just tell you what they read somewhere else. Which doesn’t mean that is correct. Always consider nutrition concepts that are backed by science. (sorry diet pills, pinapple diet )

This starts with understanding your calorie needs, and eating a good ratio of proteins/carbs/fats.
2) Rely on personal experience to adjust your diet as necessary. If a generalized plan isn’t working over time, don’t stubbornly stick to it.
3) Let your eating habits be guided by your personal preferences.

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